Othello Rules黑白棋規則

Othello is a strategy board game for two players (Black and White), played on an 8 by 8 board. The game traditionally begins with four discs placed in the middle of the board as shown on the left. Black moves first.傳統的黑白棋棋盤由 8 x 8 方格組成。開局時,棋盤中央的4格先置黑白相間的4顆棋子 (詳見左圖),並由黑子先行。

Black must place a black disc on the board, in such a way that there is at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) occupied line between the new disc and another black disc, with one or more contiguous white pieces between them. In the starting position, Black has the following 4 options indicated by translucent discs:首步由黑子下棋;落子時,新子必須與棋盤上任一己方棋子形成一條或多條 (橫、豎、斜) 直線,並夾著對方棋子;由新子及舊子連成的直線之間,必須存有一顆或以上對方的棋子。如圖,黑子開局時之可行棋步有以下4格:

After placing the disc, Black flips all white discs lying on a straight line between the new disc and any existing black discs. All flipped discs are now black. If Black decides to place a disc in the topmost location, one white disc gets flipped, and the board now looks like this on the left.落子後,黑子可將 (橫、豎、斜) 直線上被夾著的白子翻轉,將之變為黑色。如左圖,黑棋落子於左上可行方格中,並將直線中的一顆白子轉變爲黑色。

Now White plays. This player operates under the same rules, with the roles reversed: White lays down a white disc, causing black discs to flip. Possibilities at this time would be:現在換成白棋落子,遊戲規則與前述相符。白棋落子時,必須以 (橫、豎、斜) 直線方式夾著一顆或多顆黑子。如圖,白子之可行棋步有3個選擇:

If White plays the bottom left option and flips one disc, the board becomes like this on the left.承上,白棋落子於左下可行方格中,並將直線中的一顆黑子轉變爲白色。

Players alternate taking turns. If a player does not have any valid moves, play passes back to the other player. When neither player can move, the game ends. A game of Othello may end before the board is completely filled.雙方交替落子;倘若任何一方沒有棋步可行,則其必須將落子權利相譲予對手;另在雙方均無子可落的情況下,遊戲自動結束。

The player with the most discs on the board at the end of the game wins. If both players have the same number of discs, then the game is a draw.遊戲結束後,擁子較多一方爲勝;倘若雙方棋數相同的,則爲和局。

Basic Othello strategy黑白棋基本策略

Although the rules of Othello are very simple, mastering the game is not easy. Below you will find a brief guide with concepts that will help you get started.雖然黑白棋的下棋方法十分簡單,但要掌握整個棋局並不容易;下述簡單説明其概念以作開始幫助。

Corners and stable discs佔角子及固定子

According to the rules of Othello, once a disc is placed in a corner, that disc can never be flipped back (it is "stable"). Because of that, corners are the most valuable squares on the board. Once you have a corner, you can often build more adjacent stable discs around it. In the example below, Black has the corner at h8, and stable discs next to it.按照黑白棋的玩法,其中一子落在佔角處的,該棋子將無法再被反轉,故其亦稱爲固定子;由於這個原因,佔角在棋盤上是最有價值的位置,當一方棋子佔角後,其同色棋子便可順勢霸邊而建;圖中黑棋霸佔 H8 後,其周邊黑色棋子亦順勢建立成無法再被反轉的固定子。

Danger squares危險方塊

Within the Othello board some squares are safer than others. When starting a game, it is recommended to play within the 4x4 central area (marked by white translucent discs) if possible. It is often not recommended moving into the squares next to corners (marked by black translucent discs). Moving in these squares could give the opponent access to the adjacent corner.在棋盤上,棋子落在某些方塊中,比起其它落子位置更爲安全。當遊戲開始,一般建議盡量將棋子落於棋盤 4 x 4 格的中心範圍内(左圖以半透明白子顯示);且應避免將棋子落於靠近邊角的方塊内(左圖以半透明黑子顯示),棋子落於靠近邊角的方塊中,會譲對手更容易佔據邊角相鄰的位置。


A common beginner mistake is to try to get as many discs as possible from the beginning. This is not a good strategy in Othello. A better strategy is to focus on limiting your opponent's options, while having many possible moves yourself. This is usually easier to achieve by having fewer discs. In the example on the right, White, with only one disc, can easily win the game in four moves.初學者的普遍錯誤一般在開局後不斷佔子,但在黑白棋中這並不是一個好的策略。較好的策略爲專注於限制對方的落子選項,而較易進入這種策略的方法爲佔少子。在左面的例子中,白子雖然只有一顆棋子,但其可輕而易舉的在4步内贏得整盤棋。

If you enjoy learning Othello and want to get better at the game, we recommend you visit our Othello Resources page. There are Othello strategy books, software and online game zones for recommendations.如您希望更好的掌握黑白棋技巧,建議瀏覽本站另一頁面 Othello Resources,該處有不同的黑白棋藝書籍、程式及遊戲網站等介紹。